SL Revival: Calico Jack Skull and Swords Pirate Flag Trucker Hat

Introducing the Calico Jack Skull and Swords Pirate Flag Trucker Hat. One of the most famous pirate flags to date, Captain John Rackham’s or “Calico Jack’s” Skull and Swords flag is the iconic image of a jolly roger flag. Sailors gave Rackham his nickname as he only would wear calico clothing. His flag depicts a Skull over crossed swords, which scholars recognize as a symbol for this famous crew members, Mary Reed and Anne Bonne. Designed by our staff in New Bern, NC. This hat has a Salt-Washâ„¢ to create a weathered, heavily sun bleached look. The high thread count embroidered flag patch creates a vintage look. This hat has an adjustable fit with a snap-back strap. The mesh is soft and bill has a natural bend. This hat is heavily faded black, 100% cotton making each hat uniquely different. Our vintage flag patch trucker hats are not to miss. Only at State Legacy Revival!


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